What I Think of The Political Conventions

I don't normally wax political here, but with local happenings, I can't refuse the bait...

So the Democratic National Convention (DNC) comes to Denver this week.  Yay.  Not!  The paper tells me I should be happy because it'll do great things for Colorado.  However, the only great thing I've encountered so far is that they'll be closing the freeway when Obama does his speech, making it impossible for locals to get around their own town.  Oh yeah, it'll be great.  My cop friend also tells me that professional protesters are all coming to town to disrupt anything they can for the week.  Oh yeah, I'm sure glad they chose Denver.  Thanks, leaders!

I don't really understand why, in an age where we complain about spending millions of dollars a day on the Iraq war and we have record prices at the pump, we get to also pony up $40 million for events such as the DNC (or, for that matter, the RNC which will be the following week in Minneapolis), for what is really nothing more than a taxpayer-funded weeklong party and pat-ourselves-on-the-back event.  Sheesh, what a waste.  I mean, congress only works a fraction of the weeks of the year, and of those, on a fraction of the days each week.  Of course, they all need big parties to congratulate themselves for a job well done.

For a great description of the events, you might like to watch Uncle Jay Explains (3 min or so).  He does a good job of satire-izing world events each week.  At least I can understand his reasons for the insanity.

Best of luck as you try to live through the obnoxiousness that will be televised live for the next two weeks.  Hopefully I have enough History Channel already recorded on the DVR to live through it all.


Erica said…
Just ask Jamey how excited he is about going downtown to work this week. He said that he is going to do his best to not even go to work that much this week. There is suppose to be a big protest right outside the federal building tomorrow, so he is staying away for sure tomorrow. I don't think he'd even be able to get through all the crowds in front of the building.
shelly said…
Well said Chris!! (applause) :)
Lori said…
If it makes you feel any better, all of the students are coming back to provo this week, so my nice little city is going to become a retard jungle as well.
I didnt realize that the conventions were government funded, though i suppose that makes sense... isn't everything these days?
Chris Kline said…
I don't think they're fully funded, but you know all the travel expenses for the congress people have to be funded. The lobbyists pay for lots too, and I've heard that Obama's campaign is picking up the $12M deficit that Denver has. Silly people.

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