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Get The Door, It's Domino's

It's Friday night, and we've got RedBox waiting for us, so I just called for pizza for dinner.  We've long enjoyed the economical 5-5-5 deal where you get 3 pizzas for 5 bucks each.  A while back, it went up to 5.55, so the deal bec ame 555-555-555; a mouthful.  Tonight, I called for the first time in a month or two, and of course due to the crummy economy, the prices have increased yet again (and I'm now noting that the pricese are up 20% in under a year while inflation isn't exactly at 20%; hmmmm).   I digress... The lady tonight tells me that the pizzas are now six bucks each.  I guess that makes it the 6-6-6 deal.  I then told her I'd like to order a Satan Special and laughed at my extreme wittiness.  I'm not so sure she found it as funny as I did.  Do you think sales on this new deal will go down by chance?!   Ha.

Sad Reality

Did you know that a Mounds bar has 100% of the RDA for saturated fat. My whole world is getting ruined by this be-fit thing.

Useless Drivel

Why do I have nothing useful to say lately? Seriously, I'm having a tough time coming up with anything but useless drivel. My life is apparently pretty boring right now, and my wife has written about all the good stuff. How's that for a pathetic excuse?! Maybe it's just a mid-winter funk. So here's some randomness: Congrats to my brother, Kevin, and his wife Candace (who obviously did all the work). They had their fourth child, Joseph, tonight. Why does President Obama have to come to Denver to sign the stimulus bill into law? If you're spending billions to try and help the economy, why is it so important to spend hundreds of thousands more just to go somewhere special and sign a bill? Oxymoron? Just seems that money could be used better elsewhere, like bailing out the auto industry since that's working so well. Yeah. I'm so stinking tired of wind and brown, dead landscape. I can't wait for spring and green grass once more. I can live with th