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Smoking Christmas Light Deal

If you live near me and have United Power, they have a smoking deal right now for buying LED Christmas Lights (notice how I said Christmas Lights and not holiday lights!) You can get up to $4 per strand rebated to you, with no limit. So if you buy LED lights on sale (I got a bunch for $7.99 each yesterday at Ace), you can get half the price rebated and then the rest will pay for itself in one season with the 90%-lower power consumption of LED's. That's a nice deal. Rebate Info For those in other regions, your utility might do the same thing. It's a nice way to switch to the newer technology.


Maybe blogging is losing its appeal for me, because I just can't seem to make myself post anything amusing or ranting any more. It's strange. I even have three or four 90%-completed drafts (mostly of rants) that I just can't manage to publish. Wonder why.

Things That Bug...

Daylight Savings. Really, it's 2009. Can't we do it differently? Changing clocks is so 1985! Not knowing if Arizona is the same time as me or not is just plain stupid. Now I'm all depressed because it's dark before I even finish work. It's nice to be light earlier in the morning, but I think we should stop playing like we control the light.