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What's Old is New

We were sitting looking at old pictures when Jolayne looked at this one and said, "Look, you're wearing the same shorts today." Today's shorts: Feel the love.

Mountain Biking in BC

One of the highlights of my recent family vacation to Canada was taking a day to go downhill mountain biking at the Sun Peaks resort in BC. The place is only about 6 miles from my aunt's ranch where we were staying, so it was a must do. I went with my brother Kevin, my brother in law Kyle, and some-family-relation-that-I-don't-care-to-figure-out Rylee (we'll say cousinephew). This was serious downhill, unlike anything I've done before. It's a groomed, sculpted set of trails for bikes; curves are built up to make them faster, etc. They also had a terrain park with lots of jumps. The biggest of them looked like this: In case you can't see it, the sign pretty much says "you can die if you're stupid enough to go down here!". That wooden jump would take you up about 10-12 feet off the ground, followed by several other large jumps behind it. Needless to say, I went the other way. The day I took these pictures (during the cattle drive) was warm and

Cattle Drive

I watched my first real cattle drive yesterday (watched is the operative word, as I would have been completely useless to help). It was pretty cool. It ran for about 4 hours and went 16km along the paved highway from my Aunt and Uncle's ranch in rural British Columbia up to the Sun Peaks ski resort where we then pushed them another 2-3km up the slopes to their summer grazing areas. There were over 75 cows total, including two bulls (rest were split between calves and their mamas). I posted a bunch of pictures on my facebook page , so I won't put them up here. Go see. It's pretty entertaining.