Just Tell Me!

Here's a little pet peeve.

Have you ever gone somewhere and been interacting with others for a while, only to go into the bathroom and learn that you have some nasty piece of half-eaten food stuck somewhere in your teeth?  Smile!

Happens to me all the time!

Come one, people.  If I have half a picnic stuck in my teeth, tell me!  How else am I supposed fix the problem?  Instead, you like to ignore the whole thing, silently thinking, "He has almost a whole picnic stuck in his teeth!" the entire time.  

Some of us are genetically prone to what I am dubbing "picnic tooth."  It's not our fault!  I'm sure we could get government protection as a disability class.  I could probably even get a handicapped parking placard, a special box to check when I do my taxes, and certainly a discount on my hefty medical premiums for the whole thing.

My only saving grace is that I work from home and rarely actually interact with real people!


Ryan said…
Come on, we need someone to laugh at! Your eating impairment provides a perfect outlet for this.

(The humor is magnified due to your fly being down...)
The Toy Guru said…
Too Funny!! Ben has the same funny tooth problem. It usually ends up being something really obvious like Spinach or something. Yes, I tell him as I will tell you the next time I catch you with a picnic in your teeth!!
Mia said…
Oh man that was funny. I will be staring at your teeth from now on :)

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