11 Great Years

11 years ago, Jolayne and I were married.  Amazing how quickly the time goes.  The other day, I asked Jo what the traditional gift for an 'eleventh' anniversary was.  Without so much as a stutter or hesitation, she quickly replied 'diamonds.'  Way to go, sweetheart.  Should have married a sugar-daddy.  Oh wait, I do like sugar, dang.

As diamonds were just slightly beyond my budget for the oh-so-special occasion, I bought the next best thing for her.  What's that, you ask?  A Ped-Egg, of course!  Nothing says I-Love-You like a callous remover that's shaped like an egg!  Wow, I'm good! I know, I'm just such a romantic.

Seriously, I am so fortunate to be able to share my life with Jolayne.  She is probably the most amazing person I've ever met.  Here's just a few things about her that contribute to her Super-Awesome-Great Sweetheart status:
  1. She doesn't know how to sleep in.  Not even on vacation.  Really.
  2. She exercises countless hours each week.  Really.
  3. She never yells at me.  Really.    No,  Really.
  4. She's a great kisser.  Really.  O-la-la!
  5. She keeps an impeccable house.  Really.  Not that this by itself should be a top-10 item, but always having a clean place to live really does help us to be happier.
  6. She's anything but high maintenance.  Really.  Sometimes I wish she'd take more time for herself.  And, since she finally took me at my word and will be done for a girls' weekend soon, perhaps I'll change my tune in a few weeks after I have child-induced war wounds.
  7. She's one of the most generous, caring people I know, and is almost always doing something for others around her.  Really.
  8. She's pretty good with a computer (even has friends ask her for help).  Most people wouldn't think this is a top-10 item, but when you're normally the go-to guy for tech support, it's definitely a great trait in a spouse.  Really.
  9. She's a hottie.  Really.  Duh!
  10. She loves me and let's me be me.  Really.  Of course, that's because she's already spent 11 years bending me to her will and sculpting me into the perfect husband-ish specimen, so she no longer needs to try to change me because I'm now perfect!

And so I now shamelessly share my undying love for my someone, posted for the Internet to see, remember, mock, and use against me at will.  

Wow, I'm really not good at this public mushy stuff, am I?!  Think I'll stick with Buick bashing and ice-cream conspiracies for a while now.

I love, you, sweetheart!  <insert Kristen-speech...>  Yoooo, B..e..s..t!


Deni said…
Congratulations on 11 years. I've always looked up to Jolayne. She is an amazing person. So amazing it's intimidating...

You're a pretty good guy too :).
kevandcan said…
That's a great post, Chris. It makes me happy that you're happily married - and to such a wonderful wife!
Ryan said…
Enough of the mushy entries already!

Happy anniversary!
Lori said…
Hooray! Happy 11th anniversary to you both! really.
Jenn said…
Ahhhh. I was thinking of you yesterday, trying to figure out how many years it had been. Congratulations on a happy 11 and here's to many more!
Jolayne said…
He forgot to mention the roses he also brought home; roses are my favorite!
TJ said…
First, congratulations! 11 Years, is quite a achievement, especially since I can't put up with you for more than three days every two years.
Mia said…
Awwww, that was sweet!!! Really. I think you did great job with the public mushy-ness. Congratulations on the happy 11 years.

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