Colorado Cares Day

Q: How do you tell a crazy Mormon from a sane one?

A: The crazy ones will go clean dumpy alleys in town on a 100+ degree day!

Yesterday was the "Colorado Cares Day" and our Stake (the collection of local congregations for our church) was asked go help clean up a section of Longmont. Probably 300+ Mormons showed up on what was supposed to be the hottest day of the year to cut weeds, pick up garbage, and shluck trash. Thankfully, it clouded up even sprinkled abit, dropping the temp 10 degrees.

We separated into small groups and were each assigned an area to clean. Our area must not have been too bad, because the worst we found was a Walmart shopping cart, a pallet, a mattress, and a few I-don't-want-to-know-what-it-is items. Other groups, we saw later, found old toilets, bbq's, and more.

At the end, we rode back in the flatbed one of the guys had brought. One of the things I learn from these events is that it really doesn't matter how unpleasant the task is when you're working with friends and having fun while at it. Collectively, we covered a HUGE section of the city in under three hours. City leaders were very impressed, and I was happy that we managed to laugh alot along the way.

I do enjoy service, and I hope the kids grow up learning the same. I also hope that those folks whose alleys we cleaned will think twice before tossing the toilet over the fence next time.


Lori said…
You are always the outstanding citizen, i'm impressed. I'm glad your stake gets so involved and that you guys are making a difference.
Deni said…
I wish that our stake had more for our children to participate in. Maybe it's time to pull away from Happy Valley....
Mia said…
Better man than I, or I guess just better person than I... Good for you teaching your kids about service and cleaning up dumpy alleys. I think I would have maybe bowed out of that one ;)
The Toy Guru said…
Okay...That would put The Ahlstroms in the SANE group. When the sign up list went around in Ward Council, there were so many names...I just kept on passing!! Heee Hee! Yes, if your girls marry my boys... they can teach them to work!
Linda said…
Makes me smile that you keep up this tradition Remember mucking cow stalls at the stake dairy when you were maybe 9?
shelly said…
We had a lot of fun too. I was just so thankful for the overcast skies so that we didn't roast away while hauling all of that "I-don't-want-to-know-what-is-in-there" stuff away. :)

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