Bees... Here's Your Sign!

If there's something in life that I just HATE doing, its climbing on the roof to shoot and kill wasp nests!  It's right up there with puke cleaning.  Yesterday, I emptied 2 1/2 cans of spray on a couple new nests--which, incidentally are always in hard-to-reach places on the 2nd story--and found that the very resourceful beasts have now found a way into the eave near our master bath.  I have nightmares that they get into the attic, build huge nests, and take over everything.  After shooting all of them that I could,  I took some spray foam to fill the gap they were using, and it was obvious that the ones I didn't kill were kinda ticked at me the rest of the day for filling in their hole.

Another fun mental image.  Last year, I ran out of spray one day, so I took my pressure washer up on the roof to make battle with the beasts.  Afterall, you gotta use the tools you have, and it seemed like the proper tool for the job.  I could not bow away from the call of battle.  I can imagine what that must have looked like for passers by as I was trying to shoot the little snots out of mid-air! :-)  Had anyone had a camera, I would have paid dearly.

Here's Your Sign

So here's a thought.  All the literature says you should go kill bees at night when they are all at home watching TV in the nest.  Come on!  What genius thought that one up?!  Can you imagine me up on the roof at 10pm, not able to see anything, shootin' wasp nests like a madman with spray.  As the bees take a timeout from watching American Idle to come and get me, I'd of course fall off the roof (power washer in hand), and then get stung 100 times, not having actually seen any of the little buggers BECAUSE IT'S DARK!

As Bill Engvall says, "Here's Your Sign!"

So the next time you see someone on the roof with a can of spray (or even a pressure washer), shooting nasty wasps, be glad they're doing it during the day and stop to give them a cheer.   And DO NOT post the pictures online.


kevandcan said…
You should move to Houston, there's less bees. :-)

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