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Reply To None

I have a new pet peeve.  Actually, I have about 20 of them, and according to my wife, I'm nothing but a petty complainer, but nevermind that.  Read about the peeve.  I think we need to start a petition that we can send to ALL email-software vendors to request that they remove the REPLY TO ALL button from their software.  Never was a worse feature added to a program, really.  That REPLY TO ALL button is far worse than the DUH button a friend gave me for my keyboard years ago, because it actually works.  The reason it's so bad is because people are magnetically drawn to it for absolutely no sane reason.  My coworkers seem to think that if replying to the sender with schedule information or other relatively useless detail is appropriate, then it must be 20x more appropriate to cheerfully include the other 20 people on the message.  This happens all day, every day, to the point that my email box is brimming with threads such as the following (all REPLIED TO ALL). SENDER: We need to

Dig the Wolf Shirt

So there's been quite a bit of noise lately about a certain "Wolf" tshirt on Amazon .  It's one of the funniest things I've read in a very long time.  You have to read the reviews, because, as in one reviewer's words, "this is why they invented the Internet."  This thing made me laugh out loud for minutes, literally!  Read it.

More Tales from the Road

Was actually taken in town, not on the road, but surprisingly, I've seen more than one of these since then in my travels. I guess it's not as original as I 'd thought.

Tales from the Road


Strange Moment At Macy's

Jolayne and I went on a date the other night. Wahoo. As part of our date, we were in the lingerie section at Macy's (yeah sure, I'm expecting the jokes to roll on that one!) and saw the following picture. This is real stuff, not made up. That's what makes it so dang funny. I've just never even conceived that a lady on oxygen might be my special helper in the underwear section of the department store! Jo and I both laughed quite a bit at that one.