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Philippines - Day 11 (Boracay-Manila)

This is entry #13. Link to entry #12. Jolayne is also chronicling our trip  here. Day 11.  Tuesday, April 9th . Next: Philippines - Day 12 (Traveling/Korea) Tuesday, our last day in the Philippines.  It started early as usual, as Jolayne wakes up before the sun (pretty much anywhere in the world, it would seem).  It's actually a nice time of day; not as hot.   This morning we noticed it was slightly cloudy and the wind was stiff and had shifted, coming in on our side of the island.  It was quite refreshing.  We liked it and so did the kite boarders. We had a busy morning planned, getting ready to go (and scheduling in a private massage!)  Before all that, I decided to take a quick jaunt back down to the bayan (town center) to take more movies/videos and to see about buying a couple last minute souvenirs.  Really I just wanted to get all the experience I could before we had to leave, snapping pictures along the way.   Here's some random shots:

Philippines - Day 10 (Boracay)

This is entry #12. Link to entry #11. Jolayne is also chronicling our trip  here. Day 10.  Monday, April 8th . Next: Philippines - Day 11 (Boracay/Manila) On Monday, we managed to sleep in until 7:30 or so.  That was the best sleep of the trip for Jo and I.  The kids seemed pretty cranky in the morning.  Misha got a full 12 hours of sleep and still woke up cranky.  I imagine it was a bit of vacation overload and of being in so many strange places.  Really, I'm surprised how good they've done through the trip.  It's a pretty rough thing to go to such a foreign place where food, language, and practically everything else are different from what you know.  Poor Kristen was crying about most everything and was pretty much unconsolable.  Come to think of it, that's not so different from how they can all be at home!  Guess they were doing just fine after all! We took it easy in the morning, ate breakfast on our own in the room once more and let the kids swi