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Just now, the kids were sitting down to a spring-break breakfast and turned on Pocahontas. I told them it came out in my late teens, and Amy immediately asked if it was in color back then. Nice.


Growing pains.  Today at church our ward (geographical congregation) was reorganized with new boundaries.  They did a 3-for-2 split because we'd grown so large that the primary (kids group) was over 200 and was breaking fire code.  While growing up, I can't recall more than perhaps one such boundary realignment.  Yet since I've lived here, this is my third one.  Guess that's both good and bad. Ever since word got out last week that things were changing this week, there's been a buzz of speculation on what the new boundaries would be.  You see, a ward for LDS folks is very much like a surrogate family.  Therefore, messing with the boundary lines can be quite tramatic.  We knew that since a division was about to happen (as someone said today, like cells multiplying) we would undoubtedly lose some friends on the other side of the new lines.  When the new maps were released this afternoon and we saw what was to happen, it quickly became apparently that while we're k


Wow, the month has flown by.  I have had very few witty things to share with the world.  Mostly, it's because I've been playing Mr Mom for most of the last two weeks.  Jo had some surgery.  Let me tell you, HARD STUFF!  Anyone want to watch my kids for the next 5 days?!  It's spring break week, and ain't I excited...  They're good girls, but last week was not our best week.  It seemed that all I did was go through the house, pick up crap, and yell "didn't I tell you to do {something}" statements, only to do it all over again. I know, this is the part where both the women who read my blog laugh confidently with a "serves you right, you out-of-touch male!"  However, I've been through this before, and I honestly think this has been the hardest bout.  Jo had multi-day recoveries in the hospital with all of our kids, and so I'm no stranger to the Mr. Mom routine.  It's just that now they're bigger and tend to make messes and troubl

Suburban Stupidity

Today while driving down the street, I found the perfect blogging topic.  Small towns tend to do things their own way, and though I really enjoy the town I live in, it has its quirks, too. First, a few years ago the town was growing very quickly.  Growth was so malignant that you'd have to camp out (literally) the night before a builder released new lots for sale in order to get a chance at a good one.  (We had our realtor do that for us since we were still living out of state in 2001.)  At that time, when all the streets were first plotted, some genius figured it would be a great idea to use only a handful of street names.  Where streets ended in cul-de-sacs and such, and then continued at approximately the same position further down, they decided to use the same names.  Thus, there are about 4-5 different neighborhoods in our town where the same street name can be found.   Hello, people!  Who came up with that one?!   So if you don't know which neighborhood you should be look


Warning, this is a rant. So the new fad on Facebook is for people to "tag" one another, asking us to fill in various and sundry questionnaires about the super-interesting parts of our lives. In the last month, I must have received 20+ such tagging requests. My plea: Stop the madness! I hardly have time to keep up with the blogs that I follow, write a sarcastic entry of my own every now and then, and watch my friends' facebook status. Now I'm supposed to tell people 2543 interesting never-before-revealed facts about my life, along with the last 1932 books I've read (with full reviews on each), and what I loved best 15 years ago about high school! No offense to any of you who have sent those, but I'm not completing them. No time, no interest. In case you hadn't noticed, it's just a new vehicle for the lovely chain emails that we all love to receive. "If you don't complete and forward this message to 20 of your friends, you'll have five