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Being Thoughtful

I've been traveling tons for work lately; so much so that I'm gone much more than I'm around. Last night I got home from a full-week trip to find the following on the doorstep. It was from my six-year old. If you don't read 6yr-old very well, it says: Dad follw the cards and you may find a clue for the mystery you well do -->. That put a smile on my face right away. When I got inside, I wasn't greeted by the usual D-A-D-D-Y onslaught that comes after a week of being gone. Instead, there was another sign reading: Go up you well find the clue! I went up stairs and followed another arrow to my own bedroom, where the door was closed. When I opened the door, Kristen popped up from under a blanket where she was hiding. It was pretty cute. Then she gave me one last card (wrapped in the proper 6ft of tape, of course): The card came with lots of hugs and kisses, for sure. I was touched. I'm not normally the hallmark-card type guy who gets all gushy at ever