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Fun Football Game

Been a while since I've had any reason (or time) to blog. This one was fun, though. Yesterday, I went to my 3rd BYU football game of the year. The first two were pretty much duds, though still fun. Yesterday's game, though, was altogether different. They finally found their mojo! I had seats on the front row of the visitor section of the CSU stadium in Ft Collins. 4 foot of legroom in front of me, and polite fans behind me. Couldn't ask for more except for the 35-degree weather. CSU has had a bum season, and all their fans either gave up or just got so wasted they couldn't find their way into the game. Either way, the home side was less than half full at peak, and by mid way through the game, it was an embarrassment. The game was 100% BYU. 35-0 at half time. Each time the team scored, the TV cameras came over to do the dutiful screaming-fan pan. As we were on the front row, I got face time with every touchdown. I'm not very well practiced as a screaming