Weeding, the Followup

As promised, I took the kids to the Church farm way up north last Saturday. We had to get up at a lovely 4:30am and drive for a good hour to be there around 6:00. Then a short ride in the back of a pickup and we were in our very own field the size of Manhattan, full of beans. Not sure if you can make it out in the picture from my phone, but the rows are about 2/3 mile long. We were supposed to have 300+ people for our field. We had maybe half that. Many folks misinterpreted the "rules of engagement" and were down on hands and knees pulling every little weed. After more than an hour, many of them were only a few hundred feet down their first rows. I was somewhat more liberal in my application of the rules. In fact, as time went on, I became about as liberal as a granola-loving biker wearing hemp pants with a special prairie dog pouch in Boulder. By the time we'd been there 3 hours, my rules were "anything two feet or taller". It was a good rule.

The kids did pretty well, all things considered. I don't exactly enjoy weeding myself. In fact, it's one of my least favorite things to do. They both focused good on weeding for over an hour. Then they went and played in the field with the other kids for the next two. Who knew all the fun things you could do in the middle of a bean field.

Rhythm on the River

DISCLAIMER: I had no idea that Jolayne had picked the same pictures when I posted this. She obviously copied me.
We finished the day at Longmont's Rhythm on the River festival, where they had all sorts great fun. They had lots of things to do, almost all of which were free. One of the things we really love about Longmont is the great festivals they have. This one has something for everyone, and we had a fantastic time. Here's a couple shots of Amy climbing the wall for her first time. She made it to the top twice.
Misha on a police motorcycle and Kristen just having fun. She really enjoyed the big pile of sand with toys for digging. One of the most clever things they had this year was a couple huge blocks of ice with coins frozen in (at the credit union's display). The kids were allowed to use their fingers (no tools) to try and get the money out, and they were mezmorized by it. Since it was mid 80's, it was quite a hit. Unfortunately, we made our kids leave before they could get any dollar coins.


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