Do You Have An Awesome Bar?

I know I probably do more "techy" posts than I should, but it's my blog and not yours, so there.  If you're not an avid Firefox user, shame on you.  It's so-way-entirely-cooler than Internet Exploder.  And, version 3 came out just recently.  What's so cool about version 3, you ask? Simply put, it's the "Awesome Bar."  Does your browser have an Awesome Bar?  If not, you need one.

The so-called Awesome Bar is the navigation bar where you enter your URL.  In Firefox (FF), you can now enter the actual site you want to visit, but you can also put in partial names of bookmarks, places you've been, and so on, and it's remarkably good at finding just the perfect place you want to go.  There are many sites out there explaining the finer points of it, so I won't waste space here.  

You can now also tag bookmarks for easy lookup, plus it's pretty much the fastest browser out there.  My gmail loads 3x faster than with FF2.  I love it.  When you add the fact that you can add on plugins to make it do whatever you want, it's pretty neato-shmeato.  BTW, I highly recommend FoxClocks (to show timezones in the bottom of the browser; helpful for working with people around the world), ForecastFox (shows the weather forecast in the top or bottom of the browser), and FoxMarks (syncs your bookmarks across multiple machines) as addons.  You can get them all by clicking Tools --> Add Ons.

Jolayne was even converted to the Awesome Bar recently, and now I'm happy to say that our house is IE-free.  Check out FF if you haven't lately.  It's great.


Ryan said…
I have an awesome bar - downloaded 3.0 the day it was released! Much better than IE.
Mia said…
I am so happy I converted to FF. Seriously folks what are you waiting for?
Lori said…
Oh yeah, FF is the best.

I'd be happy to lend jolayne a hand if there's any way I can help her out. If she's designing custom backgrounds or banners, i have some recommended measurements that would make it easier to format into a new blog. She can either call me or IM me if she has any questions.

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