Expectations and Orange Buckets: Part II

A while back, Jolayne blogged about our summer project with having the girls move a good-sized pile of rocks in our yard (primarily for the "work" experience).  Then, she just recently posted about some of the problems we're having with sassiness, especially in our eldest.  I feel compelled to offer a little more detail. 

Last night, we were talking at dinner and I said something about being respectful to parents, but I was kidding and having fun.  Amy took it a little too far when I asked her to do something a shot off a "like I care" comment.  That left me no choice but to demonstrate my pecking-order superiority by handing down swift punishments as though I was Zeus on Mt Olympus!  (OK, maybe not.)

The rock project has moved along, and they are nearing the end.  However, due to Amy's speak-before-you-think problem (which incidentally I had just as bad at her age), she now has the awesome punishment of getting to finish the job HERSELF!  You would have thought I removed a vital organ last night.  There was much crying, whining, and torment.  I kind of enjoyed it.

Jolayne and I recognize that we have to get on top of this now or we'll never have a chance to get there.  Come to think of it, I have more than a few acquaintances who never quite seemed to learn these life lessons.  Maybe they should come over and move some rocks, too!  

It's kind of funny that a project she was already sharing with her sister and wasn't any big deal became SO heinous once she had to do it all by herself.  Bet you she uses her Jedi powers to try and rope Misha in to helping her finish.  Last night, she kept coming in to ask me if she could be done (after only filling one 5-gallon bucket part way!), and when I told her to stay out there until sundown, she was more than a little miffed.  As parents, we sure hope that someday our kids will thank us for these little lessons.  

Once the rock is all moved, I'll just have them move it all back if they keep up with the sassiness.  Who says being a parent can't be fun!?

Of course, the HOA will very likely be sending me a letter soon for the unapproved orange buckets and trashy landscaping in my front yard.  (That's a whole other post I could do; they've become a little TOO stringent after not doing anything for years).  Good thing I'm on the hearing committee and can vote myself a reprieve! Ha.


Erica said…
I love that you are getting a kick out of punishing your children. Only you Chris!!

I think that if kids don't learn now then you're right there are problems later in life. These kids of yours might turn out all right!
shelly said…
That's great! I'm sure this will be a story that Amy will recount for YEARS about how mean you were when she was a child. :)

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