Demolition Derby

The Boulder County Fair is coming up soon, and on the opening night they have their demolition derby. I've always wanted to go to something as white-trashy as that, and this is my year. I'm trying to get a group of guys together to go, so if you're interested, it's Aug 1st, let me know.

That means you have only two weeks to totally trash a tshirt and jeans so you'll have something appropriate to wear!

HOMEWORK: If you're going, you must watch 10 hours of CMT reality shows before you can buy your ticket. Start with My Big Redneck Wedding.

By the way, the fair is changing things this year, in case you didn't know, and admission and parking will both be free again. Yay. Now we can go with the kids and see all the animals. No way I was paying last year.


Erica said…
Look- I grew in Greeley and we often went to the Demolition Derby (that is until they starting holding it on Sundays) and it was always so much fun. You're going to have fun- ENJOY!!
Ryan said…
You must have seen my post back in Feb:

They have re-upped Redneck Wedding for next season! You have to be grateful for those small victories in life!

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