Oh to Breathe!

There's things we each take for granted in life. Today, I'm no longer taking for granted the ability to breathe clearly. One of the perks of having kids is that they love to bring home germs as pets. I bet they even name them. If that weren't enough, they incubate these pets and then pass them on to their parents once they've developed the appropriate antibodies. Of course, not being immersed full time in the same biologic cesspools as my kids, I'm already at a disadvantage. Normally, I have good sense about things and by simply not sharing a cup and by washing my hands more than them (ie: once a month), I avoid 90% of the junk they bring home. This time I was simply stupid and got what I deserved. I recall sharing some drinks and such when they were sniffly.

Smooth move, exlax! (a phrase we explained to them this week, as well)

I first picked this bug up several days ago, but kept telling myself it wasn't getting hold of me. We took the kids for a nice (my opinion, not theirs) 4-mile hike from Bear Lake, past Bierstadt Lake, and back to the park-and-ride (due to a wrong turn, which I took enough hits over), and that night I mentioned to Jo several times that I was really sore and how it surprised me, because I'm not in that bad of shape, and we'd done similar hikes recently (also with nearly 50 lbs of kid on my back) with no problems.

I should have known.

Positive affirmations only went so far, and by our second day camping there wasn't any arguing I was sick. But I wanted the kids to have a fun time camping, and didn't want to leave early and ruin it for them. By the time we got home yesterday around noon, I was ready to collapse. I managed to help with unloading the gear (though Jo would likely say I whined the whole time) and then had a shower (we were all terribly filthy). Then I slept for a total of 16 out of the next 24 hours. Only just now starting to feel a bit better.

Moral of the story: get your own cup, stupid (feel free to remind me the next time I reach for yours).

Moral #2, don't go to 10,000 feet and hike hard for 4 miles if you *think* you're maybe catching the crud, because you surely will if you do.

On the up side, we did have a great time camping with our friends, though we're wondering about finding a place a little cleaner and less dusty next year! Didn't even get rained on, but that's only because everyone brought canopies this year after last year's downpours. Way to go karma!


Lori said…
Bleh, i hate getting sick to any degree. Luckily- i have a really strong immune system so it hardly ever happens. Sam, on the other hand, seems to be sick monthly. And though i'm not sick myself, i have to put up with a sick husband all the same. At least you all had fun camping though.
Jenn said…
Yeah, that's been going around. Took a week to cycle through my little family, though I was the least hard hit. I hope you get feeling better!
Erica said…
We hiked to that lake on Saturday. I had no idea when the map said 1.6 miles that that is really far with two little ones. It was a beautiful hike and when it was all said and done I felt good that our boys managed a 4 mile hike!
Ryan said…
I'm going to have to remember that one - after camping claim to have the Crud so that the wife unpacks.

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