Talkin Trash

Funny how even my youngest, who can't talk so well (even at 3), has acquired a skill in trash talkin. (I'm sure Jo's been teaching her things, cuz it's not me!) A couple weeks ago I was putting her to bed and had her brushing her teeth. I laid on her bed while she was going through the routine. When she saw me, she comes over and says promptly, "Daddy, move yur butttt." Shocked, Jo and I looked at each other with those smiles that only mean, "that's really funny, but whoa! And where did you learn that not-so-appropriate comment?" You know the look. If you have kids, you've certainly thrown a few at your spouse more than once when the kids say something you didn't expect.

Anyway, being a good dad, I asked Kristen if she could ask me to get up nicely. She immediately replied, "Otay. Daddy, move yur buttttt [p]leeze" ("p" omitted). At least she uses manners when trash talkin me.


Becky said…
I know that look well. Sadly Kyle and I share it more often then I wish.

Dylans been telling me Im Dork lately. Little punk. Where do they pick this stuff up?
Mia said…
Oh my that is funny! Reed is all over the word stupid (tu-pid). He mostly uses it because it makes his sister so upset.

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