Father's Day

I sure have a great family. I'm not usually the sappy type who'll go on and on in a blog post about how wonderful someone is, but it's time for an exception. So I'll have to compress it all into a single post!

My kids did up all sorts of cards and art today to tell me that they love me. Pretty cool. On Friday night, Jo was out so the girls and I just hung out. We started at the park, then had Mac and Cheese (they love it when I cook it, and I'm not really violating my no-cooking rule when I make it!). Then we watched Top Gun, went to Wendy's for ice cream, and played Wii. Pretty good night, I'd say. I sure love my girls.

Next on the awesome list (for the record, this is not in any order, so no nastygrams will be accepted!) is Jolayne. We've been together for 11 years now, and it's been great. I'm so glad to have met and married someone who makes me so happy and who is so giving and selfless. She's pretty hot, too, you know. :-) Bonus. She always goes out of her way to help others, and is such a peacemaker in our home. Plus, she's hot.

I'm also grateful on this holiday (and the one from last month) for great parents. When we're small kids, we think our parents are superheros. As we get into our preteen and teen years, we learn that our parents are blithering idiots with no knowledge or social skills. But, thanks to the ever-present irony our Heavenly Father built into the plan, we learn again as we get older that our parents actually were indeed superheros. As my kids do stupid things and drive me crazy, I'm thankful for all the suffering and sacrifice my parents (all three of them!) provided in order that I could grow up a semi-useful member of society. After a particularly crummy day, I think to myself, "Wow, my parents must have been saints to allow me to survive!" And now I find myself saying the very same things to my kids that my parents said to me. My favorite, though, when one of the girls is mad because I won't let her have something that perhaps her sister got, is, "because I love her more than you." Stops the argument every time. :-)

And so, to all of you above, I pass my hardy "Hanks" (as Kristen says it). You're the best. Did I mention yet that my wife is hot?!


Erica said…
'semi-useful member of society'- good way of saying it Chris- glad it was you that said it not me, but how could I argue?

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