It's Over!

After nearly 11 years together, I think our relationship must be over! While we were in Phoenix last week, driving down the street and missing our turn, Jo blurted out suddenly to me, "You know something I really can't stand about you? You refuse to do a u-turn! You always have to go around instead." I was shocked! I've never been subject to such ridicule, such wanton abuse. There's just no way we can make this work. I can't possibly live with someone who is so disrespectful towards my (entirely appropriate) driving habits. :-)

OK, maybe I'll give it just one more chance. Anyway, I propose that the fact that I do indeed like to go around isn't really a bad thing. The car we were using had the turning radius of a mack truck, and when my dad tried pulling a "u"-y earlier in the week, we got stuck and had to back up while traffic approached at full speed. I was in the passenger seat, so I was to be the first one hit. Ouch.

Joking aside, it's funny how we can be with someone for years before we finally manage to work up the courage to tell him/her what drives us crazy. Kudos to Jo for finally spilling the beans. Good thing that's pretty much the worst of our disagreements. I'm pretty blessed.


Jenn said…
Kenny does the same thing (with no u-turns) but it didn't take me long at all to tell him it drives me nuts. Not like that changed anything:). Must be a guy thing.
Ryan said…
My condolences. I do not know what I would do if Kristin ever bad mouthed (gasp) fly fishing! At least she did not accuse you of not asking for directions!
Kristin said…
I read somewhere that you made a rude comment to Jolayne about hurrying up; probably you deserved it.

And Ryan is a member of the "just go around" club too, for what it's worth.
Jolayne said…
You know, I have to clarify. I did not say that it was something that I couldn't stand about my husband, I said it was something that really bugged me...and it sounds as though I am not the only one.

Thanks Kristin for sticking up for me.
Kristin said…
At least you are both secure enough in your relationships to blog about your disagreements.

And anytime Jolayne! :o)

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