Dangerous To My Health

Yesterday I was teaching Sunday School and having a grand time. Actually, I really do enjoy that class; it's a highlight of my week. (I really get into my lessons and tend to be "just a little" animated in them). Near the end of the lesson I was kind of bouncing around the room (drawing out some really important point that I've since forgotten) when I jumped and landed sideways on my ankle. I did that a couple years ago to my left ankle playing church basketball--from which I've now "retired"--and it's been sore darn near ever since. Good thing I trashed the right ankle this time so I could limp on both legs. Probably a little bit of an understatement to say that folks got a kick out of me limping around saying "ouch, Ouch, OUCH" while I was trying to tie the lesson up and finish. I got a kick out of it too!

Needless to say it's the first teaching-related injury I've sustained. Someone should have warned me this could happen. Really. Next time I'm wearing high tops when I teach.
If you wanna watch the freak show, come on by the church at 10:15; we'd love to have ya. :-)

And yes, it's still sore. Better luck next week.


Jenn said…
I would love that calling, though perhaps I should work on my coordination first. I hear it can be dangerous:)
Carli said…
I heard about this... Watch out when doing primary music. I have done something similar while "doing as I'm doing." :)
Mia said…
Good thing your aren't part of the crowd "required" to wear high heels to church, could have been much worse!
KrisJ said…
Thinking about it still makes me laugh!! Sorry but ya it was pretty funny! We figured there were enough men in the room to give you a blessing right away and fix you right up though.

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