Star-Spangled Banner Story

My dad sent me an audio clip explaining the history of the National Anthem today. Thought I'd post it here. A nice 5-minute listen while you're catching up on other stuff. Helps us to remember what a magnificent country we live in.

Never take it for granted.

If you haven't seen this stirring photo before, read the story about it. It was a 2006 Pullitzer Prize winner; pretty neat. There are other moving photos on that link as well.

Though there is much wrong with this nation, and it seems often to only be getting worse, please consider taking a moment every so often to focus on the awesome history, the divine intervention we have received so many times, and the absolute grandeur of where we live.


kevandcan said…
Very well stated -- and I 100% agree
Mia said…
Thanks for sharing, it is a movng teling of the story.
Erica said…
Great stories- that is really neat that you shared them.

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