Ouch, That Hurts

OK, am I "that" old? Nope, not yet. Yet, I manage to fall down (hard) on nice flat (ok, it was stepped) concrete. Darn near broke my ankle. Guess that's just karma for laughing at Shane's leg last month!

Last Saturday I was leaving a friend's house and walking down their front steps when I tripped on some air pretty hard. In my defense, it was jagged air. I fell down the stairs, rolled, and probably said some things I shouldn't have. Good thing Misha was there to watch it all. When I stood up, I saw stars like I haven't seen in years. I was certain I was gonna pass out. Good thing I didn't. That would have been really ugly material. So I picked up my pride (a small portion remained yet) and got Misha into the car, and we headed home. Other friends who were also leaving and who saw the flamboyant flop, kept asking if I was OK, so I had to play tough. When I got home, it hurt. It hurt bad. I knew it wasn't broken, but it was my left ankle was very likely sprained. (Requisite crazy-blog photo attached.)

We'd planned on going out that afternoon for some birthday shopping for Jolayne, so I took some pills and laced up the high tops and decided to be tough some more. All week long, I've been wearing an ankle brace, and that's helped quite a bit. I was actually feeling pretty good by Friday. Then the email came. Someone at church needed help moving. I figured I'd go over and assist. I felt good enough on Friday, I didn't even wear the brace. Once I got there, I saw that it was a truck full of the really heavy stuff (like a piano and more!). Wish that part had been in the email! I made some sort of comments about my ankle, then helped anyway. Can you say S - T - U - P - I - D ?

Yesterday, I got up and it was obvious that Chris isn't really all that smart. In fact, monkeys are very likely smarter than Chris! The ankle hurt again as bad as it had before. Note to self, don't go move pianos with a sprained ankle. That's a good tip for next time! So now it's back to wearing the brace for a few more days. It was a sexy addition to my outfit at church again this week. Of course, I had to take some guff over it in priesthood meeting. That's expected.

So the whole reason for the post is that, while I hadn't hurt myself for a while before now (the last pride-reducing injury was at church basketball a year or two back: same ankle; that's why I'm "retired" from church ball), I seem to be more prone to accidents than I once was. I'm realizing that there's little clumps of air all over the place that I am now in danger of tripping on. Sooner or later I'm gonna need the folding cane Jolayne picked up at her surprise party last night. Imagine me riding around Walmart in one of those 1/2 MPH carts that only morbidly obese people tend to use. Of course, in order to keep the dream alive that Dad is tough and little girls in his house should be as well, no whining allowed (blogs excepted)!

Random picture from last night. Cute kid watching TV from dad's perch.


Ryan said…
Admit it - you wore the boot to church because you were hoping to get some of those great Relief Society sympathy meals!
Becky said…
I would laugh, but we have some pretty jagged air on our stairs. I fall down them monthly.

Totally OT, but that little girl there has some crazy long hair. I hadnt realized how long it was. And to think that Dyl has had a total of three haircuts...
Jenn said…
Think of all the blessings you'll get for helping someone move! I'm sure an angel will wander around in front o you removing potentially dangerous bits of "jagged air":)
I hope it heals quickly!
Lori said…
well, i havent injured myself in a long time- but my new pregnancy talent is dropping things. I have dropped and broken 3 glass objects in one week. Though I guess I'd rather break something I can just throw away, as opposed to one of my own appendages.
Mia said…
Get better soon... I am sure the girls are pampering you plenty.
Linda said…
Yep, Post 30 you HAVE to watch out for those free floating clumps of air. They get you! Even worse are the stable things that you decide to jump off of, or walk into or whatever. Welcome to the air bumper crowd. :)
smallred said…
I have nothing funny or witty to say about this. All I can say is I feel your pain! I think we are nearing that phase in our lives when we yell at the sports on TV instead of the ones we participate in.

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