Dancing Inmates?

I spent two years in the Philippines serving a mission for the LDS church. I grew to love that country. I stumbled upon a relatively amazing happening there recently. One of the prisons in the southern part of the country is trying something I've never seen before as part of its rehab program for inmates. They dance. They're pretty good, too. In fact, they have a whole collection of routines, all on YouTube. Here's my favorite. This is pretty funny stuff!

There's alot of things wrong with government in that part of the world, but I'm pretty impressed with this. These men, many of which had no skills at all upon being sentenced, are now a part of something positive. They post new dances every few weeks, and from what I can gather on the latest posting, there's a whole political brouhaha going down now in Cebu because of the (in)correctness of what they're doing. Much more interesting to follow than who won in New Hampshire!


Jolayne said…
It would have to be thriller.
smallred said…
Man, that is either the ugliest chick I've ever seen or the bravest man--dressing up like a chick in an all male prison. MJ would be proud.

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