Random Pictures

Something my sister does on her blog (which I really enjoy reading because it's so "real") is to just post random pictures. They don't have anything to do with the posts, but are fun shots of her family or whatever. Think I'll adopt the same concept, only with a slight twist. I've come across some pretty funny pictures that I've kept over the years. Video clips too. I'll share them over time. First up, something my teammates at work sent me not long after I started. The funny thing is, it looks like my kid pictures, is the right era, and really could be me!

Second, just something that makes me glad for the kids I have!

Welcome to the blogging ranks, Jim!


Erica said…
OH MY GOSH! I just got an email with that picture and thought- I think I'd have to kill my child! Could you imagine walking in on that?

By the way- the sledding hill is in Greeley at UNC. It is pretty cool, because someone makes these neat jumps and Jamey lives for those. He is a snowboarder!!
Ryan said…
I love the first picture. That's how I would treat a kid in a BYU sweatshirt too!
smallred said…
No comment on the BYU picture. I think the kid picture is great. You don't want to stifle a child's creativity at such and early age. I just hope it wasn't permanent marker.
Unknown said…
Can I just say that we're feeling a little bad for your kids 2 & 3? We went through all the "favorite" pictures from the picasa slideshow, and they're mostly of #1. I think we only counted 4 pictures of #3. Typical for the first child to be the most photographed.

As a youngest child, I can relate.
Jolayne said…
No bird droppings lately. What's up with that?

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