New Sponge Day!

There's some things in life that are just worth celebrating.  For me, it's new sponge day.  Come on, you've all experienced it.  You go along doing dishes with an ever more disgusting sponge as your tool, only subconsciously realizing that you're probably just moving the grime around.  Then one day, the sponge fairy comes to visit, and presto.  You now have a nice, clean sponge in its place.  At our house, that happens pretty regularly (thanks, Jo).  

Jolayne was kidding me recently that she can very often hear me whenever she breaks out a new sponge.  Usually, she's somewhere down the hall when she hears, "O, I love new sponge day!"  And no, I'm not embellishing there.   (And there's the proof that I do a large amount of dishes at our house!)

So let's celebrate the little things in life and all give three cheers for new sponge day.  Next time you're in the dog house, you might just bring home a new sponge.  It could do wonders for your problems. 


Jenn said…
We're pretty anti-sponge in this house. I just can't stand the smell of a dish sponge after a few days, and dishrags are RIGHT OUT. Yuck. But since Kenny does all the dishes anyways, I do allow the spongy soapy wandy thing. We should probably replace it more often, maybe I'll do that and see if he even notices:)
Lori said…
Yeah, we're all about the soapy wand doober here.
It is funny how easily I get excited about life's simple pleasures, such as new sponges, these days though.
kevandcan said…
I love new sponges - that and clipping my finger nails
Linda said…
Dad just celebrated BIG new sponge day. We got him a BIG sponge for dishes. No excuse now. Enjoy! But he too is a fan of the soapy wand doober like Lori says. I hate floaty things in the water, but sponges are great for counters and all the slim there.

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