Is China Breakable?

I'm on my way home right now from a visit with Grandma in the middle of nowhere, CA. (That's about 3 hrs north of Sacramento and an hour from the nearest puddle-jumper airport). Took Misha with me this year since Amy got to do it last year, and we dug for things to do in the mighty town of Mt. Shasta. Frankly, that's a tall task to accomplish, but if you ask Misha, I did it pretty well. She wanted to go back over and over to the fish hatchery, after all. I'll tell her story in another post.

Grandma is moving to an assisted living place in Phoenix, in a couple of weeks, and so most of the visit was taken up with moving furniture and packing stuff. Grandma appears to have gotten over the first emotional blow with a move like this, and she's now unloading junk like there's no tomorrow (pun intended). She's very matter-of-fact about the whole thing, which is refreshing.

Grandma bequeathed her nice china set to us, which was very nice of her. We thus spent many hours trying to figure out how to get it home for the least cost and fewest casualties. After flip flopping a few times, I'm now sitting in the airport in Sacramento with a gifted suitcase full of precious china, hoping it makes it the remainder of the way home without breakage. I managed to fit about half the set into the bag, and the rest will follow with the movers to Phoenix, where I'll figure out the rest of the story somewhere down the road. In case you didn't know, china is pretty heavy stuff. This roll-on bag is right at its 50lb limit, helping me to remain that buff specimen of masculinity that you all know I am... :-)

Poor Misha won't get home until well after midnight, and she has school tomorrow. Add to that a delayed flight and it's going to be a pretty tiring day tomorrow. But hey, it's all about the china, right?! ...


Jenn said…
That's great you've gotten her to move to pheonix, I can see that being good for her. I hope the china makes it back in one piece! Oh, and Misha too:)
Lori said…
It must be sad for grandma andrews to have to move, so i'm glad she's taking it well.
As for china- good to have, but a jerk to move. We moved 4 times in the first 2 years of being married and our china and hutch quickly became my bane.

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