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Apparently my fun with flashing lights wasn't enough last week in Portland. No sooner had I checked into my hotel in southern Cal tonight than the hotel fire alarm started going off. At first, the staff came on the PA and said to ignore it a couple times. Then they changed their minds and told us to evacuate the building. Hmphhhh. I'm tired.

So a couple hundred people filed down the stairs (I was on the top floor), but at least it was still 70 degrees outside. Let's all be glad there was no actual fire, because the Fire Dept didn't actually roll up for about 20 minutes. Not sure on that one, but seems a little odd. I can't really trash firemen, though, cuz they're off limits. :-)

Every few minutes, the staff told us to move further away from the hotel, perhaps just to keep us all interested. When the FD finally did arrive, the guys jumped out with their full gear and SCBA tanks and went inside. Funny. I decided I needed a drink and so went down into the parking garage to my car to get a bottle of water. (No need for comments about my frame of mind in going into the garage, btw!) There were a couple of firemen down there checking it all out. Kind of made me laugh that guys like me were down there doing our thing and they were down there doing theirs. No one told us not to go there.

Needless to say, no fire. 45 minutes later, we got the all clear and the firemen went back to their poker game or whatever it is that firemen do while waiting for some doof at a hotel to pull the alarm.



Jolayne said…
That's hilarious. You need to start taking a Waldo doll or something and keep track of the Adventures of...
Jenn said…
I can tell you why the firemen were a little slow in coming. Apparently some guy downtown was holding some other guy in a sleeperhold:)
Lori said…
Good thing there wasnt a fire... but at least that would have justified having to evacuate the building and all of the annoyance.

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