Words You Never Want To Hear

"The disposal is clogged."

That's not really the words I'd like to see on an instant message from Jo. And yet she sent them anyway. The nerve. Actually, this is the first time we've had any such backup problems with that plumbing, so I count myself blessed. For my lunch break today I got to disassemble the innards of the sink drain. From that, I learned a few things:
  1. Celery clogs things.
  2. I'm grateful for easy plumbing that required no tooling to remove. It was actually a pretty easy fix, despite my ugly mood from work (as a recommendation, don't ever work with people who are in the protected-minority of "stupid people"; pretty soon they'll be lobbying for special treatment, mark my words). Here's your sign...
  3. I'm even more grateful that it was just fresh veggies that clogged the drain. It could have been mushy, nasty bread, sour milk, and all sorts of disgusting crud we tend to wash down the drain happily without a second thought.
  4. I'm even more grateful that we have a disposal so that this doesn't usually happen.
  5. I'm most grateful that it was the sink and not the toilet that backed up. I'll take a sink any day! (see previous posts)
So here's to sinks that drain properly.


Jenn said…
No fresh celery huh? I don't imagine that'd be a concern at my house. Pizza doesn't clog drains does it?:)
Erica said…
I guess you do have to be glad that it was the sink this time, not the toliet again with underwear in it. You work with stupid people uh? Never would have imagined!!
Ryan said…
I feel your pain. I too have been the innocent victim of the celery drain wrath.
Kristin said…
OK Ryan didn't tell the whole story: Our disposal got clogged with celery on the day we were taking Rachael to the temple to be sealed. Someone (who is NOT his wife) filled the disposal with celery. Yeah that was a good day...
Mia said…
I'm with you, glad it wasn't something more disgusting. I can handle a lot of things, but a stinky clogged toilet is not one of them.

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