On the Road in Dixie

Well, it's spring break time in Colorado. We decided to take a road trip to somewhere warm, and the closest place we could get some nights on my mom's time-share was St. George, UT (thanks Mom!). Based on the weather reports we've seen from CO, we aren't missing much in the nice-spring-break-weather department. We've had a nice time here, and thanks to my fruit-phone (aka blackberry) which Jo loves to talk smack about, I get to blog about it before she does. You see, she mocks my phone, but it tethers nicely to the laptop and gives us online access from wherever, even on vacation.

Mocking me now, sweetie?!

We didn't exactly start out warmer than CO. We drove out to SLC first for a day, and managed to get 50mph winds. Then, on our drive down to St. George (commonly called Utah's Dixie), we got to drive through lots of snow, though thankfully none was sticking. Didn't get much above freezing until we were only 20 miles from St. George. Then it rained hard. No sun until the next day.

We've had a nice few days. Weather has even mostly cooperated; high 60's most of the time. Played in sand dunes, swam, road bikes, swam, played shuffleboard, swam, played Wii, swam, hiked, swam, watched redbox, swam, watched crummy daytime TV, and oh yeah, we swam. Did I mention that the kids enjoy swimming? My kids could just go to the rec center down the street and swim and save me the bank!

About the bike ride. We went to a beautiful place called Snow Canyon State Park, where they have a nice paved bike trail through the park that's in a red-rock canyon that's served as the backdrop to various movies. Thing is, the trail is on a fairly steep incline. We parked at the top and the kids got a first-hand lesson in "what goes down must come up." It was a good lesson for them to learn (insert dad lecturing them about how you can put off the work but it'll catch up with you sooner or later). We stopped about 1 1/2 miles down the hill and tried to convince them to go back up, but they wanted to go further down. At 2 miles down, we turned around and spent the next 30-40 minutes going back up hill. (Insert whining). Pulling K in the trailer, my legs were absolutely spent when we were done, and the whining and crying had my attitude spent too (Jo told me to stop whining and crying, but I wouldn't!) Anyway, not exactly the high point of the week for the kids, but a valuable lesson for them nonetheless. And it was a BEAUTIFUL place, and I really enjoyed it.

We've had a great week and would love to come back here again someday. Tomorrow we're off to Zion's and then on our way home so I can get on a plane for a business trip Saturday.

Pictures will come next post since I forgot a card adapter.


Jenn said…
Sounds like a fun spring break! Kenny and I loved Zions when we went last August... We loved hiking in the Virgin River Narrows.
I appreciate that "whining" is a label for your post:)
Kristin said…
Don't trash talk Jolayne! Don't forget you have to live with her.

We're in the REAL Dixie - Savannah, GA. Just thought you ought to know that it's just an illusion in Utah.
Carli said…
Sounds like you had a nice time. You gotta love those red rocks, even if you are going up. :)

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