Today at church our bishop, who was conducting the meeting, said he wanted to take a "slightly different format" to things. That's when bells and whistles should start going off in any sane person's head.  I "knew" right then that I'd be involved with what was coming.

The bishop said he was going to call a few of the congregation up to speak spontaneously about their experiences attending the temple this year.  Of course, I won the lotto and was selected!  Funny how we so often know ahead of time when we're going to be picked for those types of things.

Amy leans over to Jolayne and says "Did Dad know he was going to get picked?"  Jo says "Nope."  Amy then replies very triumphantly, "heee heee hee hee hee," absolutely loving the way it was going down.

Yep,  funny stuff, Amy.

Good thing I don't freak out about that kind of stuff (which is likely why he knew he could pick on me).


Unknown said…
Hmm. That's a good idea. I still get nervous when it's my month to conduct and the final speaker gets up and there is still 20 minutes left. Luckily I have not had to get up and "finish" off a meeting yet.
Jenn said…
Ha, our bishop pulled the same trick yesterday, but we were NOT called on- it was missionary-themed.
Erica said…
I have always worried about something like that happening to me. We had a bishop growing up that did that lot to people- it has made me a worried adult. I'm sure you did a wonderful job though!!
Ryan said…
If you say the "right" things when you are up on the stand they will never ask you to do that again! ;)
Lori said…
Yeah, the problem of being an "obviously not shy" person is that you get called on for all of the random stuff. I dont mind impromptu speaking either, i just tend to speak too quickly. *shocker, i know*

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