A Love Affair

I'm in love. I'm having a torrid affair. The relationship is such that I just can't hide it any longer. I must proclaim my feelings for... amazon.com. It makes it possible to be a genetically lazy male and still do a decent job with shopping for Christmas.

Seriously, I've done a fair amount of my Christmas shopping online this year, and it's been a totally joyous experience. The UPS man now shows up at my house with presents! What a wonderful thing. No lines, no fighting, and I even get to check reviews and prices, to boot. What could be better? Why would anyone want to go to the mall and wait in line with all the hassle?

And at this point I'm even thinking there's little point in shopping anywhere else online but amazon. They make it soooo easy to spend money. Their prices are nearly always the absolute lowest. Their customer service has always been very good for me, and their web site was designed by some smart people who actually considered my experience. It's simply wonderful. All you holders of Amazon stock should thank me for helping them make their sales goals this year, because I've sure done my part!

Let's just hope it all gets here in time this year (slight faux pas last year due to the blizzard and all; or so goes my excuse).


Mia said…
I wonder if my love affair with online shopping and Amazon.com is in part due to being raised in a house full of men ;)
Lori said…
Oooh, i do love me some amazon. It's amazing that most any deal I find anywhere else (thinking i've found the one and only best sale) can actually be found on amazon for less.
Lori said…
Oh, and thank you for not having the word verification box on your blog. You're one of like 3 blogs of the 30 I follow that has taken the time to turn that obnoxious thing off.

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