OK all you female types who accidentally stumbled on this rugged, handsome, one-of-a-kind blog.  I'm gonna give you a tip for Christmas: the perfect gift for him.  As I was penning my Sweet Nothings entry, Amy came down to the office crying.

"What's wrong, Amy?"
"I need your claw thing."
"Why do you need my claw thing?"
"Because I accidentally dropped Mom's earring down the drain."
{lots of crying, followed by dad saying something insenstive, yet witty, to his eldest daughter}

Enter "the tool".

{dun dun dun}

I should clarify something before continuing.  The PERFECT gift would be an Acura TL.  

Let's not mix signals here, afterall.

But the next most perfect gift (for under $10) would be a flexible grabber (about $5 on google).  Seriously, if you don't have one at your house, you NEED to go shopping.  Buy 3 of them.  The kids will have fun grabbing one another's skin on Christmas morning.  What could be more fun?!  You push the spring-loaded end and a claw comes out of the other end.  When you let go, the claw retracts, grabbing whatever is just barely beyond your reach.  They're great for the garage, but invaluable for a home with young children.

Or dads.

They also come in magnetic varieties.  You need both.

These things come in handy all the time.  Tonight, it came in handy to fish out the earring on the first try.  Peace and harmony restored!

By the way, sweetheart, I need a new one.  The kids have broken mine... :-)


Ryan said…
The title of this post is misleading!
Lori said…
Oooh, i love handy gizmos like that. That's probably what i miss most about living at home- dad has every gadget known to man, and i guess i had taken them for granted.

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