Life Lessons

I picked up a little morsel tonight that I thought you would all profit from:
  1. It's generally preferable to have an actual reservation at the car-rental agency if you expect your name to appear on the big board! Apparently, not having a reservation will cause you to not show up in the system. Go figure.
  2. It's generally preferable to make an actual reservation at the hotel you want to stay at if you expect it to have any rooms left when you arrive. They don't ask other people to leave just because you arrive without a reservation. Hmmm.
So I thought I'd made reservations for my latest trip, but it turns out I was mistaken. Whoops. Good news is that after calling for help, I have a room, although at a different place, and I have wheels that will be fine for the week. (In my defense, I did try to make the reservation weeks ago, but it erred out and I simply forgot to do it again. Too bad close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades...)

Lesson learned.


TJ said…
Mr. Absent Minded Professor!
Lori said…
Okay, my rss feed for some reason didnt point out your latest posts to me.

This same thing happened to us when we were on our way to houston. Needless to say, it stinks. I'm assuming now that you're travelling so much, you'll come across all sorts of great "life lessons" :)

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