I've seen it all now, I think.  

Any of you who travel with any regularity have no doubt observed the guy or gal who thinks he/she's just too busy to stop the phone call long enough to use the bathroom at the airport.  A least once a year I have the pleasure of sharing some bathroom time with the guy who's sporting the too-cool bluetooth headset, which allows him to tend to his bio-business while continuing his phone call.  And since he's just talking away it's rather apparent that no, he's not on mute.

Dude, on behalf of every other traveling American out there, I'd like to share with you that this is not cool!  Not even a little bit.  You need therapy.  You need to have your phone taken away.  You need public ridicule.  What the heck does the guy on the other end think you're doing, anyway?!  

But as if that weren't the worst bathroom infraction one can encounter in an airport, I think I have a new chart topper.  This week I tended to business next to a guy who was standing at the urinal--I'm not making this stuff up--with his blackberry in one hand while he texted/emailed as he was doing his business!  Um, what do I even say about that?  Certainly the hand-eye coordination he employed was commendable, BUT PUHLEEZE!  I can only hope the next time he does it, the darn thing falls into the urinal, because that's where it rightfully belongs.

Now I know the true meaning of the phrase "Crackberry."  It has nothing to do with ownership of such a device, but how you use it.  Say no to crack.


Jolayne said…
I think the whole texting issue is getting way out of hand. It takes over etiquette and propriety on so many levels. Look at the lady who couldn't put down her blackberry throughout all of church (stake conference) today! The message you send is that this meeting, person, experience is not worth my time. Sad.
Jenn said…
Oh my. That's really awful. I'm going to have a fear of my clients doing this now.
Lori said…
Ha ha ha. I have been extremely excited for april when our current contract with crapfest verizon and we can get new phones on a new carrier. Now that we're grownups, we get to get the fancy phones. I've had my eye on the blackberry for a while. I can't even go to the bathroom in my own home with the door cracked a tiny bit open... so you wont need to worry about me being brazen enough to even bring my blackberry anywhere near my ummmm, business.

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