Peanuts and Legacies

Then (1994) ...

When I was a kid, I'd sometimes fly with my dad on his routes around the country.
During my college years, this was a particularly fun time, and my freshman year I spent many weekends flying all over the country with him, doing my homework in flight and helping out as a volunteer flight attendant. Things got to the point where I even had a uniform shirt and was accepted as one of the crew. It was a great time in my life. It was a great time for my dad and I to grow closer, and I enjoyed the fast pace in my first year away from home. It wasn't uncommon to fly to the Northeast and back to the west coast again in a single weekend.

To date, my kids haven't exactly shared in the fly-wherever-you-want lifestyle. A few weeks ago, however, when we went to see my parents in PDX, they got a taste of what it was like for me. It was a great time to pass on a bit of the Peanut Legacy to them.

On our return flight from PDX, I noticed that the flight attendant was readying her snack service and asked if she wanted help. At first she politely declined, but then I said something (don't recall what) and she picked up on my heritage with a "you've obviously done this before" statement. I smiled, told her that I'd grown up with it, and asked if it was OK if I had my kids help out. She was happy to oblige. When I went back and pulled the kids from their seats, they must have thought I was a little crazy. I gave them a basket of peanuts and crackers and told them to start passing out to the passengers. After a couple rows of "how do I do this" behavior, they caught the spirit and had fun. They wound up doing the entire plane's snack service! Amy got so into it that I
convinced her to even go help with garbage service, and a few minutes later she was moving down the aisle with a latex glove on one hand pronouncing "Garbage?" over and over. It was so cute. And she even got a $2 tip from one passenger. She was pretty proud of her self.

Afterwards, I told them that I used to do the same thing with Grandpa and that there's
a picture on our wall at home (above) with me doing just that. They'd never noticed it before, but they have now.

It was a real treat to be able to share a bit of my history with my kids, and especially in a way that was unique and fun. It helped remind me of the great things I've been able to do in my life.


kevandcan said…
That's a great story! Fun memories - now if you can just share with them the joy of sleeping in an airport after being bumped from 6 flights! :-)
Jenn said…
That is awesome. What a fun memory for them to have. I'd love it if some kids did that on a flight of mine
Lori said…
Awe, super cute! That's way fun! I would have LOVED to serve peanuts and whatnot when I was their age.
Jed Wangsgard said…
I wish you had been on my flight. Five hours and no peanuts/snacks. Only beverage!!!! What has become of our flying heritage?!
shelly said…
How fun is that! What a great dad you are. :)
Larry said…
Those were precious times for all of us! We did things that would be totally impossible these days (and you have the video to prove it!) Glad you enjoyed it so much...I sure was proud to have you join me on so many trips and share that aspect of my life with you. Love, dad
Anonymous said…
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