Warning, this is a rant.

So the new fad on Facebook is for people to "tag" one another, asking us to fill in various and sundry questionnaires about the super-interesting parts of our lives. In the last month, I must have received 20+ such tagging requests.

My plea: Stop the madness!

I hardly have time to keep up with the blogs that I follow, write a sarcastic entry of my own every now and then, and watch my friends' facebook status. Now I'm supposed to tell people 2543 interesting never-before-revealed facts about my life, along with the last 1932 books I've read (with full reviews on each), and what I loved best 15 years ago about high school!

No offense to any of you who have sent those, but I'm not completing them. No time, no interest.

In case you hadn't noticed, it's just a new vehicle for the lovely chain emails that we all love to receive. "If you don't complete and forward this message to 20 of your friends, you'll have five years of terrible luck and children will starve in Africa." Uh, ok. I don't forward those either.

You may say "then why are you even on Facebook?" with scorn on your face. My reply would only be that in the interest of being a well balanced individual I choose to not spend every free moment (and some of those paid working moments) needed to complete all such tags.

From here on I hereby declare that tagging will once again refer to my gangbanger friends' graffiti-laden artistic renditions around the community and not the things I'm supposed to do on Facebook in order to prove my friendship and loyalty.

How about instead of tagging, we take that time to go outside and go for a walk, or better yet, come up with some really sarcastic stuff on our blogs?! lol


Jenn said…
I agree the tagging fad has gone a little overboard, but it's much preferred to application requests (no, I don't want to join your team of pirates).
For the record, I may make notes (sadly, facebook is my one form of adult interaction during the day), but I will never tag anyone unless they tagged me first.
Erica said…
Oh my heck!! Can I copy this?! I am so in agreement with you. But not only on the tags, but what about all the dumb invitations for other things? I am the worst- I just ignore everyone's requests. Maybe I'll have less friends on Facebook now?
smallred said…
I agree 100% the technology can be a great tool to keep in touch, but it can easily go overboard.

It is one of the reasons I've yet to join FaceBook. I'll probably break down eventually, but there are too many people that seem to have nothing else to do and must opt for vitamin D supplements over the sun.

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