Wow, the month has flown by.  I have had very few witty things to share with the world.  Mostly, it's because I've been playing Mr Mom for most of the last two weeks.  Jo had some surgery.  Let me tell you, HARD STUFF!  Anyone want to watch my kids for the next 5 days?!  It's spring break week, and ain't I excited...  They're good girls, but last week was not our best week.  It seemed that all I did was go through the house, pick up crap, and yell "didn't I tell you to do {something}" statements, only to do it all over again.

I know, this is the part where both the women who read my blog laugh confidently with a "serves you right, you out-of-touch male!"  However, I've been through this before, and I honestly think this has been the hardest bout.  Jo had multi-day recoveries in the hospital with all of our kids, and so I'm no stranger to the Mr. Mom routine.  It's just that now they're bigger and tend to make messes and trouble much more readily.  Imagine a F-5 tornado with size 1 feet.  In my own defense, it's very challenging to try and give an honest day's work to my employer and to watch 3 kids full time.  Makes me oh-so-grateful for my sweetheart who does this hard stuff most of the time.

To top it all off, we had the only stinkin' snow storm of the year (yes, at the end of March) this week, and school saw fit to cancel not only the actual blizzard day, but the super-nice-and-sunny day after.  Total conspiracy.  I'm convinced it's because it was the last day before spring break, and someone somewhere wanted a jump start on some vacation.  In fact, we went over to the sledding hill behind our home on Friday afternoon (with literally a hundred other people), and half the snow was already melted.  Yeah, good idea to cancel school; maybe it was people on the other side of the street who were snowed in.  Not like I live in a state with tall mountains that expects snow or anything.  Don't you know it's my government-supported daycare?!  So all in all, I've gotten to enjoy much more loving together time than I'd originally planned.

To my kids, I suppose I owe a blanket apology for all the yelling and punishments last week.  You surely deserved them (right?!), but perhaps I should have at least smiled while hurling thunderbolts and doling them all out.  I love you anyway.  I bet you really want your mama to recover quickly (and daddy to take a REALLY long business trip).  When I yell at you, know that I'm doing it with love!

You are great kids.

To everyone who's helped us out, you are our angels.  You make our lives so much better, and you touch us with your service.  Thank you.


Jenn said…
I really do think that women are given some special helping of tolerance and patience for dealing with kids. Kenny's one of the most selfless compassionate guys I know and even he can't handle that much baby time. You deserve a medal or something.

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