Useless Drivel

Why do I have nothing useful to say lately? Seriously, I'm having a tough time coming up with anything but useless drivel. My life is apparently pretty boring right now, and my wife has written about all the good stuff. How's that for a pathetic excuse?! Maybe it's just a mid-winter funk.

So here's some randomness:
  • Congrats to my brother, Kevin, and his wife Candace (who obviously did all the work). They had their fourth child, Joseph, tonight.
  • Why does President Obama have to come to Denver to sign the stimulus bill into law? If you're spending billions to try and help the economy, why is it so important to spend hundreds of thousands more just to go somewhere special and sign a bill? Oxymoron? Just seems that money could be used better elsewhere, like bailing out the auto industry since that's working so well. Yeah.
  • I'm so stinking tired of wind and brown, dead landscape. I can't wait for spring and green grass once more. I can live with the brown, but the wind is SO obnoxious. Jo said she saw a traveling trampoline somewhere down the street today. I'd rather have a foot of snow than wind.
  • Jolayne covered pretty much all the exciting stuff of late, so I won't. For our long weekend, we went to a sweehearts dance, had a great night at a bed and breakfast, paid full price (cuz adults really should) at the Denver Children's Museum, and enjoyed a wonderful 60-degree sunshine day yesterday. It was a nice weekend, with a quick visit from Grandma, but now it's back to work.
  • I had a great time a few weeks ago at a handgun-safety class. Got to shoot about 20 different handguns with a bunch of friends. What else could be more fun?! The place we went was over an hour northeast, 20 miles past nowhere, but still in our county.
  • I'm still waiting for the next generation of Dish Network DVR receivers to come out. The upcoming one will reportedly have some additions to the HD DVR stuff, which is like being addicted to crack once you've watched one; you just never want to go back to the way things were before. DVR's are quite likely the best TV invention ever. But the new generation will also have Slingbox built in, which will allow you to stream your recorded content to any computers you like, either in your home or on the road. Being able to watch my recorded stuff from hotels while I travel is pretty cool stuff. On that subject, I've been told by folks in the industry that the best promotions of the year start on Feb 1 annually, so if you're considering updating your satellite or cable package or hardware, now is probably a good time to do so.
  • By the way, most hotel-based wireless access really sucks. Dialup without the wires. Just thought I'd share.
  • And finally, why is it that customer service at darn near every company out there is worse than ever? Tonight it was Hertz that treated me poorly. You'd think that in tough financial times, people would try to distinguish themselves so they could keep what customers they still have.
A pretty ugly brain dump. I really need some sort of drug to help me get over it. I can imagine what the TV commercial would be like, along with the long list of possible side effects I might get;


Erica said…
Thanks for the all the info in one post. We go to the Children's Museum on free night, just so that I don't have to pay for Jamey and I- however it is SO crazy.
Lori said…
Oh i liked your random whatever post. It kept me on my toes... (what will the next bullet point bring?).
I totally support the notion of DVR being the best thing that's happened to TV since they went to color. I can't imagine going back to nonDVR tv.
Brian said…
most hotel wireless does indeed stink. I finally ponied up and bought a boingo account. Wimax on a wireless laptop is pretty cool.

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