Get The Door, It's Domino's

It's Friday night, and we've got RedBox waiting for us, so I just called for pizza for dinner.  We've long enjoyed the economical 5-5-5 deal where you get 3 pizzas for 5 bucks each.  A while back, it went up to 5.55, so the deal became 555-555-555; a mouthful. 

Tonight, I called for the first time in a month or two, and of course due to the crummy economy, the prices have increased yet again (and I'm now noting that the pricese are up 20% in under a year while inflation isn't exactly at 20%; hmmmm).  

I digress...

The lady tonight tells me that the pizzas are now six bucks each.  I guess that makes it the 6-6-6 deal.  I then told her I'd like to order a Satan Special and laughed at my extreme wittiness.  I'm not so sure she found it as funny as I did.  Do you think sales on this new deal will go down by chance?!   Ha.


Bev said…
It took me a minute to get your humor. Either the lady was a little slow, like me, or she's done with that one.
kevandcan said…
I love it! Yea, I can't stand these companies that continue to raise prices while we're actually seeing general deflation.

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