Stupidest Commercial Ever

Not too long ago, I was absolutely shocked at a commercial I saw. You may have seen it, too. It's an oatmeal commercial that shows a bunch of kids in the back of a van happily eating their oatmeal in bowls.

The Horror!

See it for yourself.

Is this not the most ridiculous thing advertisers have come up with in a very long time? The commercial ends with "Every day should be this good." Do you really think that it's gonna be a good day when kids are spooning warm oatmeal all over your car, rubbing it into the carpets, making designs on the windows, and using it as ammo against their siblings?!

These high-paid Manhattan metro-ites obviously a) have no kids, and b) have never taken care of a child for more than 30 seconds. Fire them all!

I can imagine how the conversation in our van might go with oatmeal:

Amy: Misha, watch this!

~~Amy takes spoon of oatmeal and sticks it to the window to watch it glue~~

Misha: Wow, cool! Let me try.

Kristen: I like oatmeal!

~~fingers in bowl, then on seat, then on window~~

Misha: Uh oh, dad, my oatmeal just fell on the floor.

Amy: Misha! It's getting on my bag, you stupid girl! DAADD!

~~Amy spoons oatmeal onto Misha to get even~~

Misha: AARRGGHH!! DDAADD!! Amy's putting oatmeal in my ear!!!

Dad: Don't make me stop this car! (You know we all hate saying it, and yet we ALL say it to our children with alarming regularity!)

Dad: I'm not sure our benefits will cover therapy for this one...

Yeah, Every day should be this good!


Lori said…
Addie isn't old enough to destroy our car just yet, but even this inexperienced mommy saw that commercial and instantly thought "yeah freakin' right". I mean really, do they think we're that dumb?
Kristin said…
You forgot c) have never cleaned oatmeal or any other food out of a minivan. Yes, that commercial disturbs me horribly too. How about that kid that likes to mix flavors? Does that happen in the car, too? We don't get to see that part.
Deni said…
Ha - I saw this commercial and thought "My kids would totally spill that".

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