Compromising Positions

Jo said she was going to post this one, so I figured I had to beat her to the punch. The faucet on our kitchen sink continually comes loose (due to a lovely design that makes it impossible to get a wrench on the fittings properly.) So every so often I get to lay under the sink and tighten things up as best I can. Jo's dad was working on it last week while visiting, but I felt bad for him and jumped in when Jo snapped these shots.

You could certainly enter your own captions here. Jo's was "new way to do pilates" since I had to keep raising my butt up.


Jolayne said…
Well, if you look at the time stamp, mine says 9:30 (it is one hour behind) and yours says 10:34. I beat ya!
Jolayne said…
P.S. I am now in the correct time zone.
Chris Kline said…
I actually beat you by 3 min, honey!
Lori said…
Sam hates it when i take pics of him when he doesnt know. He's so cute when he sleeps... so that's the most common time for a sneaky shot to be taken.
TJ said…
This comment is to state that I have no comment. I have thoughts, but no comment. =)
Jolayne said…
He stands corrected.


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