I'm not THAT old!

The other night at dinner, we were talking about what the kids were doing at school. Amy took a DVD to school to share, and we got onto the subject of what technology at school was like when I was a kid. I explained that we had filmstrips when I was a kid, and tried to explain that they were "pictures projected on the wall with an audio tape that beeped when it was time to move to the next picture." I don't think they got it. Then I explained that on the last day of school when I was in first or second grade, we watched a movie in the gym, and that it was a reel-to-reel projection. We watched Herbie. Amy then asks me how long ago that was and immediately answered her own question by saying something to the effect of "it was in the 1800's."

Come on, I'm really not THAT old! Funny how kids assert that anything before their time must have been with the dinosaurs! I don't think I'll even try to explain about the 8mm home movies we watched without sound.

So much for sharing about filmstrips. Beeeeeeeep!


Jenn said…
You know, Chris, you and I are less than 10 years different, and... an 8 mm? That makes you sound to even ME:)
Lori said…
I remember watching kirby projected at school, if that helps.

I remember being young and if a fat person walked by, i'd be like, "woh! that person must weigh like, 100 pounds!" I guess everything becomes relative to kids when it comes to trying to make jokes. Their point of reference is just a bit off.
Ryan said…
I suppose you're going to admit you remember Mimeographs too?

Just wait until you try to explain to her that when you were born the Dead Sea was only sick!
Erica said…
I remember filmstrips too, but I thought for sure that you are WAY older than me!! :)

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