He's Pecking Me!

We're currently in Phoenix, and having a great time. The weather is much cooler than normal, something for which we're grateful. Grandpa has a bird that he affectionately refers to as "my brother," though I don't really see any resemblance. The girls have enjoyed scaring the darn thing to the point of needing psychological help. Yesterday afternoon, Amy was going upstairs to change into her swimsuit, when I heard, "Dad, come help! The bird is pecking me! It won't let me upstairs!" Fierce, ferocious, bird. Amy and Kristen have been somewhat nervous and reserved around "Skipper" since we got here. Misha, though, took a liking to him right away and wanted to be his friend. Skipper had other plans. Last night, she was doing something and trying to pick him up when all the taunting of the day (not from her) came back. He pecked her face pretty good. Poor thing. Really hurt her feelings. She says, "I don't want to talk about it."

This morning, Skipper bit Jo as she tried to put him back in the cage after the girls again claimed he was bullying them. Perhaps he was. :-)

We're having lots of fun here, and the girls are doing all sorts of new activities. Today they got to go ride motorcycles with Grandpa. Yesterday, we went to ride gliders (ie: airplanes without engines), but the girls were too small to fit safely in the harnesses. Jo and I got to ride, though, and we had a great time.


Jenn said…
Misha looks so grown up (and tan) in that picture. Sounds like a fun time. Say hi to Larry for me.

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