Getting Ahead Financially

We've all seen recipes for becoming independently wealthy by simply curtailing our ever-present desire for "stuff" in the present. Here's another one. It's good. Basically, if you pay off your car and put away money for the next one, that decision will compound and provide you with resources to never have a car payment again. In practice, it may not be quite that rosy, but certainly better than having a $400-500 car payment always on your tail.

Check out the short video. It's only about 5 minutes.

Thanks Chuck!


Unknown said…
That does sound nice and rosy, doesn't it. It does take discipline though that's for sure. Let me know when you have 5 million sitting in the bank in 40 years!
kevandcan said…
That's one of the better presentations of the principle -- I love it. Same holds true for paying for cable every month (that's a mission for your kids, right there), or that extra cell phone (another mission), etc.

Thanks for sharing.
Ernesto said…
This video isn't good for business - wouldn't you rather drive a nice new Nissan Maxima? :-)

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