23 Factoids

Can I just tell all my friends how much I enjoy your posts? You learn lots about people, and it's such a great way to catch up with friends on your own time. Many of you just have hilarious ideas and ways of writing. But I do have one request; please only post as much as I can read!! Before you post, drop me a note and make sure I'll have time to read it! Have some consideration for me, will ya?! I'm finding that, since I actually work when I'm at work (at home), I don't have time to read all these posts, so I sometimes have to pick and choose.

No way I'm gonna do 100 things like Caleb, cuz I'm nowhere near as cool as him. So here's a few factoids about me. Maybe I'll do some more if I can think of any:
  1. I was nearly born in Saudi Arabia and spent my first two years living there with my mom while my dad flew jets. Guess that's how I got an olive complexion.
  2. I've been having a career-identity crisis surrounding the need to make a positive, real contribution in the world for a couple of years now. Yes, I'd love ot be a gun-packing computer geek for the feds. Not gonna happen, though. I'll just have to pack heat in my home office instead.
  3. It recently occurred to me that my morning routine is so habitual that if I get out of sync, I pretty much screw it all up. A while back I wound up with aftershave in my hair and hair gel on my face.
  4. I knew Jolayne was 'the one' long before she did. Best decision I ever made.
  5. I like to drive fast and play loud music, but I don't do either often enough (my kids think I'm a cool dad when I do it).
  6. I am an adjunct faculty member for the University of Phoenix, but I haven't taught a class in quite some time (dearth of IT students). I teach e-business and UNIX.
  7. I generally get along well with pretty much everyone.
  8. I have been declared "the welcome wagon" at church. Go figure.
  9. I'm not really a morning person, though I'm not a late sleeper either.
  10. I like to cook soft pretzels on Sundays.
  11. I spent two years in the Philippines serving a mission for the LDS church. It was a pivotal time in my life. It would be for you, too, if people called you "tree monster" everywhere you went. It was an amazing, life-altering experience (we lived only a few miles from the active Mt Pinatubo volcano). Like many, I would dearly love to go back there someday. The beaches were awesome. Yes, I ate dog (and other things that aren't so great). I learned you can eat anything if you put enough rice with it.
  12. Though I have not served, I have a deep respect and honor for the US Military. This is most probably born out of having spent time overseas.
  13. I love the mountains. I'd love to be a forest ranger someday, but I'd have to sell all three of my kids to finance it.
  14. I like John Denver, Metallica, Def Leppard, Jewel, Enya, U2, Depeche Mode, and the Alan Parsons project. How's that for eclectic?
  15. I enjoy speaking to large audiences, and I generally do a good job with it.
  16. I love Sweetarts.
  17. I'm not one who likes all kinds of unique foods. I've never had sushi, and I detest slimy veggies (like eggplant and okra).
  18. I grew up around the airline industry and used to spend my weekends in college flying around the country with my dad. I even worked as a volunteer flight attendant. And yes, I got to sit in the cockpit once. Way cool. I was the king of non-revving. Someday I'd really love to revive that kind of traveling with my wife (and even kids, occasionally).
  19. I would like to own a bed-and-breakfast with Jolayne someday.
  20. I worked at a medical supply store in high school and cleaned returned rental equipment. To clear the air, there's some really nasty stuff that you can get on a walker or a wheelchair!
  21. I got into wood working a few years ago, but nearly all my friends who've helped with it have moved away. Lesson: stop the hobby or stop making friends.
  22. I really enjoy blogging and personal blogs. Though I don't take enough time to read and keep up, it's certainly time I enjoy.
  23. I enjoy service and hope my kids will grow up with the same joy (and many opportunities!)
Maybe next time I'll do 20 things about my wife and have her do 20 things about me. Could be interesting clearing the air!


Ryan said…
I enjoyed reading this as I sit here eating some Sweetarts. (The bunny/chick ones you can get this time of year are the best - especially if you break the heads off first!)
Lori said…
Ha, i totally chuckled to myself when you pointed out you like sweetarts and that you like to drive fast and listen to loud music. Those are two things I definitely remember about chris from growing up.
Blogs are buckets of fun for sure. I'm glad we all have them.
Jenn said…
I had forgotten how we always made soft pretzels together on Sundays. Good times. I'm with Lori, too- sweetarts and loud music definitely make me think of you.
Erica said…
Number 2 and 3 totally match Jamey to a tee. Although when he gets messed up in the morning, he usually just forgets to do something- the worst is brushing his teeth. :) Lesson learned, don't interupt! Also Jamey has a huge desire to work for the FBI doing computer work- wait he already does- he just wants to be employed by them instead of a contractor.
shelly said…
I loved the factoids about you! That was a fun read. :)
kevandcan said…
Well, it's 2am and I have bad jetlag, so I thought I'd actually post a comment since I actually do have time. I love your blog, Chris. I love the soft prezles too.

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