Dirty Jobs

I love dirty jobs. Actually, I loathe dirty jobs but I love Dirty Jobs. The show is one of the funniest things on TV. I think Mike Rowe is just hilarious. The jobs he does aren't always that funny by themselves (filling jam jars was real exciting, believe me). However, the genius of sarcasm that man brings to the show makes it worth watching all by itself. I'm also a little more content in my own home-office job each time I watch an episode. I can't believe some of those people do some of those things each and every day.

So, here's my solicitation for your help. Please share:
  1. If you're a regular viewer of the show, which episode has just had you laughing until your cheeks hurt?
  2. What are the worst dirty jobs you've ever had to do in your home?
Personally, I think the episode where Mike was in Las Vegas feeding buffet leftovers to the pigs was absolutely hilarious. Funniest thing on TV in a very, very long time. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and that was during the rerun! You'd never know he's a professional opera singer in that episode.

As for my own life, I'd have to say one of the worst dirty jobs is climbing on the roof in the middle of the summer to blow away the wasp nests. I usually climb up in a flannel shirt (in 98 degrees) armed with two (or more) cans of spray. Then I play kung foo with the little buggers until I win. Once, I ran out of spray and so took my pressure washer up. That would have been fun to watch from down the street.

But the hands-down winner in my home was reaching my hand into the drain of the toilet to retrieve a child's not-so-clean underwear that had "accidentally" flushed down while being cleaned out. I still get willies. My hand should just not be there, cavorted all backwards and twisted, ever! I so deserve a freebie screwup for that one.

Random Pic

Hoover Dam in 1998. Less than a year married! Even pre-digital.

Oregon in 1998. This was at the Oregon Aquarium where the whale from Free Willie was living at the time.


Becky said…
we LOVE dirty jobs at our house. We are so sad they moved it from its afternoon time slot.
My fav is the one where they are collecting water snakes from lake Erie. That LV pig one is a good one too.I like the story about the drunk pigs. Did you know that his parents are actually pig farmers? If you are ever bored, look up his old clips on QVC- absolutely freaking hilarious!
Unknown said…
I'm not a normal watcher, but the one episode I did see had something to do with road kill if I remember right.

Not sure if you've seen this, but check out the bloopers on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Son2banvWI

Mia said…
Wow, you and Jolyane look just the same :) I'm not a regular watcher either. The last episode I caught was on the plane back to TN. But it wasn't on my TV it was on the one in front of me and to the left, so I watched it without sound. Not as funny that way...
Lori said…
Yeah, I'm with becky on this one... the water snakes episode is side-splittingly hilarious. Few things are as funny or gratifying as watching a well-meaning, full-grown man get bitten repeatedly by water snakes and just have to stand there and take it.
The most interesting ones I've seen were probably the shark week episodes.
As for dirty jobs in our own life... our water pipe under our garbage disposal apparently had been leaking into the bin we keep all of our cleaning supplies in under the sink. By the time we found it, we had 5 inches of standing stagnant garbage disposal water in the 3 foot by 3 foot bin. It was just SO foul- totally one of those "apparently we have been living in squalor" moments. Good old sammy won the prize of cleaning that one up.
kevandcan said…
OK, so the image of you with your hand in the toilet looking for underwear gives me the willies...
Mia said…
Ps iTunes has a free download of a Dirty Jobs episode this week... at least that is what I think it is...
Erica said…
We love this show. Although off the top of my head I cant think of the funniest one we've seen. He is probably the most hiliarious person though and I think the show works because of him!

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