But It's In My Way!

So you probably know by now that Kristen (my youngest) broke her arm yesterday in a fall down the stairs. A funny thing happened this morning. First, note that the doctor is not going to put on a cast until the swelling goes down (on Monday), so she just has a bandaged arm for now.

I came into the office and the kids were playing (day off school). Kristen was in playing with the big kids and had decided that the splint was in her way of achieving a true coloring masterpiece. Afterall, it's hard to color with your left hand when you're a righty. So she took it off! There's a problem solver for ya. She must be feeling better because she was happy as could be. Of course, as a parent, that's not exactly what we wanted to see.

We put the splint back on and explained as best we could that it had to stay. She wasn't very happy, but accepted it. It amazes me how resilient and adaptive little kids are. She's fine today and now accepts that this is life. In a few more days she'll not even remember life without it, I suppose.

Cute little kid and I'm glad she's not crying out in pain any more today.


alison said…
i'm glad she's feeling better. she's quite the determined girl isn't she?
Jenn said…
I hadn't heard about her arm, that's rough! Can't blame her... those splints are annoying!
Mia said…
It's the kids with the good problem solving skills that you have to worry about in the teenage years ;) I really do hope she heals quickly!

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