Regifted Elephants

12/30 update. I've been waiting for a photo to complete this post, but thought it worth sharing this gem with you while I search.

OK, so I have an update on the White Elephant post below. I knew instantly when I received the lovely lightplate what I should do with it. Our good friend turned 40 recently and we attended her surprise party the other night, all dressed in black. I had to come up with the perfect gift. What a better birthday gift than a Michaelangelo's-David lightplate? But that was too normal, so I thought I'd spice it up a bit. In collusion with her sister, I was able to get a perfect picture of our friend's husband. A little crafty patchwork (yeah, that's right Carly!) and I had myself a much-improved gift! Once hubbie's mug was secured to the lightplate, the gift was completed with a clever card suggesting she could now turn him on or off whenever she likes. Ahh, sometimes pure genius just flows, what can I say?!

Yeah, pure genius. Including the part where all sorts of church leaders were at the party to share in my cute little gift. I'm expecting a phone call from "management" any day now! :-)

Anyway, it was a fun gift and had everyone working those laughing muscles for a few minutes, so mission was readily accomplished. She even said it was a fun one to share with her older kids (of course, she explained, she had to show it to them lest they stumble upon it on their own and think mom was some sort of nut job. Better to blame it on the nut job that was at the party; good move!)


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